Thursday, 4 February 2010

Border XC - Berwick upon Tweed

The first month of 2010 has been a good one. Training has been going well, I've enjoyed lots of running in the snow, and I've discovered some nice new training routes in Edinburgh. My favourite being the Dalmeny Estate (thanks Susan!). Starting at Cramond Brigg pub there is a beautiful out and back route to South Queensferry entirely off road. There and back is just under 11 miles, so perfect for a longer Sunday run.

Last Sunday I tried my first ever infamous Borders XC Race. This one was just across the border in England at Berwick upon Tweed. The drive down itself is great on a sunny day (which it was), as you follow the road along the coast. Not to mention the drive past the Cedar Cafe (complete with stop on the way back!).

The race lived up to its expectations. It started on soft sand, then moved to hard sand (and sea, plus wooden hurdles!), then onto slippery rocks, then up some steps, up a hill, up and down muddy hills, over sheets of ice.....then turn round and do it all again! I was going for safety rather than speed on this one, and was just pleased to make it round uninjured. I was pleased with my 6th woman (4th SW) position and a time of 36:47 for the 4.5 miles.

A great day out with all my fellow CAACers who all ran very well. Also enjoyed my huge lasagne on the way home. Though I might opt for the flat concrete of Edinburgh Parkrun this weekend ;-)

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