Monday, 8 March 2010

Edinburgh Parkrun #3

Position: 2nd
Time: 19:08
Last Saturday I took part in my third Edinburgh parkrun, and Neil also made his parkrun debut! I've been lucky with the conditions at these events so far as all three have been fairly sunny, calm days. There was a slight wind in our backs on the way out, so good to get in a couple of fast few kilometres at the start. My aim was just to go out as fast as possible and see how long I could keep it going. My aim is a sub 19 minute this year, so I wanted to get as close to that as I could. I realised in the last kilometre I wouldn't quite make it, but nonetheless was pleased with my PB taking off 14 seconds! Neil really enjoyed his first parkrun and is catching the running bug. A great time of 22min15! After a nice warm down, it was off to Costa for that well deserved coffee and piece of cake. Hope to run another parkrun in the next few weeks.

Next big adventure coming soon....cross country skiing in this space!!

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