Sunday, 21 November 2010

Meall Ghaordaiah

So this weekend I got back out onto the hills. It feels like ages since I've been hillwalking, and it was nice to be up a Munro - number 52 this time. With my fellow Mountain Adventurer away working in France, I signed up for this walk with EYW, led by Richard. This hill is just a few miles from Killin, so not too long a drive to get to. We could see a few bits of snow higher up on the hills as we approached, though the tops were covered in cloud, so couldn't see too high.

This hike was a chance to try out my new walking poles and super duper mittens which I'd been given for my birthday the week before. They were great!! The walk up was fairly straightforward, with a path to follow up most of the way. This then disappeared nearer to the top and there was more and more snow. Some of the snow was covering rather large holes, so on many occassions I'd find myself up to my knees in snow with my foot in a puddle below. Thank goodness for the waterproof boots and gaiters, haha!

The summit (1039m) was pretty cold, so lunch was a quick affair. The sun did try and break through though and the clouds blew past on occassions to give us some spectacular views. The descent was great fun in the snow and we could look out onto the snowy mountains ahead. A post walk hot chocolate was had in the Killin Hotel to round off a great day. I really enjoyed being back in the hills and am hungry for more this winter!

At the summit of Meall Ghaordaiah (1039m) - check out the snow!

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