Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Famous Grouse Crieff 10k

On Sunday, Corrie and I headed up to Crieff for the Famous Grouse 10k. Neither of us had done the race before or even been to Crieff so we were keen to see what it was like. After missing the junction on the motorway to Stirling, we made our way cross country to Linlithgow and eventually found our way back onto the M9. We arrived with 20 minutes to spare, just enough time to get our numbers, listen to the race briefing and make our way to the start. The website had described the race as multi-terrain with 350m of ascent. And it wasn’t wrong. After heading out of the playing fields we headed onto a trail and began the uphill slog. It was in some ways similar to the Balmoral 10k, with a piper at the top to signal our arrival! Though not as steep as Balmoral, the uphill seemed to go on just as long, if not longer, making the first few kilometres pretty tough. I was in a good position. I knew Edel from Lothian Runners was way ahead and I’d never catch her. I’d been past a girl going up the start of the hill, and I couldn’t see any other girls ahead, so by my reckoning I must have been in second. The race continued through some beautiful scenery, and the weather was good, so I was trying to admire some of the surrounding landscapes while paying attention to what was underfoot. With about 1.5km to go I made the mistake of looking round to check who was behind. I spotted a girl hot on my heels. She caught me up not long after and I just couldn’t keep with her pace. She opened up a gap of around 20m. As we made our way back into the playing fields for the finish I picked up the pace to try and catch her. For a moment I thought I might be in with a chance. But she too picked up the pace – I came in 3rd by around 10 seconds. My finishing time was 44:11. My slowest 10k time for a while, and evidence of what a tough course this is. However, I very much enjoyed it and thought this was a unique 10k which I’d definitely do again. The finishing ‘goody bag’ comprised a miniature bottle of whisky and a whisky glass. And I got £30 and a picture with The Famous Grouse himself for my 3rd place efforts. Corrie enjoyed her run too and even more so her picture with the Famous Grouse. Fellow CAACer Nigel also had a storming run coming in the top 10!


Ian said...

Well done at Crieff, that hill at the start can be a bit of a killer, you need to be careful running down through the woods and the narrow path makes it difficult to overtake and not to forget the never ending finish across the grass. great event though. The first local usually gets a gigantic bottle of the Famous Grouse.

jokirby said...

Thanks Ian - yes you describe it exactly!! A very tough 10k - I was aching for 2 days after that one!