Sunday, 1 January 2012

Eastleigh Parkrun - New Years Eve

I decided to give the Eastleigh parkrun a go on New Years Eve. As I was on my way to stay with Rosie and Martyn for the weekend, I did it en route to Poole. It's quite different to Edinburgh parkrun. This one is off road and is three laps of the University of Southampton playing fields. There had been quite a lot of rain the previous few days and the ground was pretty muddy and slippy. Wasn't too sure how I'd go in my road shoes! My Garmin battery had died so I was running without the aid of the pacer on my watch to see how I was getting on. I have to admit, I struggled on some sections to get any kind of grip, especially around the corners. I also wasn't feeling as sharp as previous runs. Perhaps the week of mince pies and Xmas puddings was coming back to haunt me! I crossed the line in 32nd (3rd woman) in a time of 21:39. So not the best of times, but given the conditions and my footwear, probably not as bad as it sounds. A good training session and really enjoyed a new route. I will definitely do it again when back down south!

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