Monday, 23 February 2009

Long Runs and a cycle to Falkirk

With 6 weeks left now till the Paris marathon, I'm entering the peak of my training, with weekends taken up with long runs and week days incorporating slightly longer runs also. I have now completed long runs of 18 miles and 19 miles and to be honest, both felt quite good! Despite a few minutes of intense calf pain on returning to my flat, the runs themselves felt good, and no injuries have presented themselves (more than the odd niggle here and there). I am encouraged by these longer runs and feel I can tackle the 'Mad March 20' in Dorset with Julia next weekend with confidence. Watch this space for a full race round up next weekend, along with the Inverness half marathon which will be the weekend after!

Other than running, I've made some space for a bit of cycling too. Myself and Dan had quite an adventure yesterday, with our 33 mile ride from Edinburgh to the Falkirk Wheel. Neither of us had been to the wheel before (a massive boat lift connecting the Union Canal to the Forth and Clyde Canal), nor had we been further than about 10 miles along the canal, so it was fun to explore! We took a leisurely pace., largely dictated by strong head winds and tired legs! There was beautiful scenery along the way, and a slightly scary tunnel about 1 mile long which has to be walked through as is so dark!! We then caught the train back to Edinburgh (didn't fancy the 33 mile cycle back!). A really good route, will have to make it all the way to Glasgow next time!

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