Saturday, 18 April 2009

Two weeks on

Two weeks have passed since the big day and I'm pleased to say I've been taking it easy (running wise!) I'm enjoying having the extra time to do other things, such as walking, swimming and seeing friends! I had a great Easter break with some great walking in Northumberland and Hadrian's Wall, a part of the UK I'd always wanted to visit.

Today the running shoes were back on for a 5.5 mile run with fellow club runners and neighbours Dean and Gillian, who will be running the London marathon next Sunday. It was great to be out running again. Despite 2 weeks rest, the legs weren't feeling as bouncy as I'd hoped, with my old knee injury giving a bit of a niggle in the last mile or so. Nothing a bit of ice and massage won't sort out though.

So, with the marathon out of the way and training down at the track now back on, I'm raring to go, with a summer of 'shorter' races! Here is my hopeful 'to do' list so far:

25th April: Balmoral 10K
9th May: Penicuik 10K
22nd May: Black Rock 5 (running along beaches, through water and up hills apparently!)
25th May: The Rigg Race (approx 6 miles)
21st June: Edinburgh 7 Hills (14 miles taking in all 7 hills around Edinburgh - no set route, the shortest you can find basically!)
12th July: Girvan Half Marathon
29th June - 2nd August: Tour of Fife (5 races in 5 days! Phew!)

So a few things to aim for over the summer. I hope to make the most of the Scottish Hills this summer too and bag a few more of those Munros :-)
Any other marathons? Well, definately...but I think I'll wait till at least a year has passed for that!

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