Monday, 28 March 2011

First Parkrun of 2011

Headed out to Cramond for my first run of the parkrun for 2011 and since it's been adjusted to the 'correct' distance. Apparently, it was 80m short before! After a quick jog from the car to the start and a bit of a stretch the starter called us off! I'd managed to get myself fairly near the start as it's quite easy to get boxed in there. Felt good and was in sight of Chris Peggie, so thought I'd try and keep the gap as small as I could between us. He pulled away, but it was good to have him in my sights. Last couple of km's I felt fairly strong and wasn't as blusterly down there as usual.
Came in at 19:25, 2nd female. Comparable to my previous times on the shorter course, and very pleased considering the lack of speedwork have been doing of late. Some nights on the track should help sharpen things up. 22 dead for Neil, so a good first outing from him also. Let the road race season begin!!

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