Friday, 8 April 2011

National Road Relays, Livingston

(Kerry leading off the women's team - photo courtesy of roadrunpics)

With the XC season over with well and truly now, last weekend was the turn of the National Road Relay Champs, taking place in Livingston. For some reason, this event didn't seem to have the prestige of the National XC, with far fewer teams from across Scotland taking part. Not sure why Livingston is chosen as a venue for these champs, but nonetheless, this was my first outing and I was looking forward to it. The women's team consisted of Kerry off first on a 'short' leg (3.2 miles), then Susan second on the 'long' (5.8 miles), then me on another short, and Gillian anchoring us on the final long leg. Both Kerry and Susan had great runs, putting us in a good position. I set off at a good pace, as did everyone, with it being slightly downhill and in front of all the supporters. Then you turn the corner, hit the hill and the wind! Took my about half a mile to really get going in my running, but once I did I felt good and there were female runners in front of me at even spaces which I could work on drawing in and picking off. I overtook about 5 women which I was pleased with. Handed over to Gillian who took over another 9, so overall we finished in 8th, so a great result for the women!
Another great team event, it was great fun cheering on the several men's teams. The A team coming in 4th, and the highlight being the Mike A having a sprint finish on the last leg for the Vets. Our day out in Livingston was finished off with a trip to Cotswold Outdoors and Wagamamas for dinner -what more could you want from a sunny Sunday day out! ;-)

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