Sunday, 29 July 2012

Havant Parkrun

Well I'm a bit behind on my blog, but being inspired by the start of the Olympics this week, I thought I'd right about my recent activities. In fact, I'm over a month behind, so I'm going back as far as June 16th, when a weekend down in Horndean led me to take part in the inaugral Havant Parkrun. It was about time a parkrun hit that region and I was pleased to take part in the very first one! It takes place in Staunton Park and involves a couple of laps of off road paths. After a small 400m loop at the start, the route takes you on a steep downhill and then you climb gradually back up to start the second lap. It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed the route - though it's not really a PB route. I came through as first lady in 20.47. I will certainly be making sure I go along to this parkrun everytime I'm back down south. Being the first ever race, I of course had the pleasure of setting the course record - I can say that it held for about 5 weeks, but has now gone. Something to aim for next time I'm there!

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