Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Spire to Spire Walk - Help for Heroes

Once again, I've been a bit behind on my blogging, as I'm just getting round to writing up the Spire to Spire walk which my Dad and I completed on 16th September, 2012.
After last year's challenge when we walked from Avebury to Stonehenge, we decided to try another walking challenge for Help for Heroes.
It was another early morning start, as we left Winchester Cathedral just after 8am on the Sunday morning. My Dad had been in some serious training this time, ready for the 25 miles of walking we had ahead of us.
We left as a large group, heading through the streets of Winchester, heading uphill almost straight away. We felt great at the first check point, at around 6 miles, where the H4H team were there dishing out snacks and drinks. The half way point was a village hall, where once again we were provided with lunch and a tasty cup of tea. At this point last year my Dad had been feeling a little tired, but this time, he was as fresh as a daisy! 
The route took us along bridleways and country paths. Not quite as scenic as the previous years' walk, but very pleasant nonetheless. A few more check points along the way, but we both felt great all along the way. The rain held off and it was ideal walking conditions.
With a couple of miles to go, we spotted a sign saying Catherdral viewing spot. We followed it and there it was - Salisbury Catherdral, our end point. We could see the spire all the way back and until we hit the streets of Salisbury. The walk into the grounds of the Cathedral were great, with people cheering us as we came in. My Dad crossed the line, looking like he'd barely broken a sweat and had no problems walking the 1 mile back to the car! A fantastic acheivement, with just over 25 miles covered in a much quicker time!

At the finish - Salisbury Cathedral with our medals

A really great day, and looking forward to hearing what next year's Help for Heroes Challenge will be!

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