Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Rat Race

Last weekend myself, Nick and Susan took part in the Rat Race. A 2-day adventure race around Edinburgh. We were: Team CAAC Attack.

Saturday was the Mean Streets - an orienteering event around the streets of Edinburgh involving various tasks along the way. As well as the 14 miles of running involved getting round the course, we also had to hula hoop, BMX, dress up like a sumo wrestler and roll down a hill, walk a tight rope and various other crazy things!! The big point earner was having your head shaved, which Nick bravely did - a whole 40 points earned there! We finished day 1 in 2nd place in the mixed teams. Very pleased with that!

Day 2 was the Nine to Five. This was a much bigger day, and coupled with the previous day's efforts I think has been one of my toughest challenges to date! After planning our route, the gun went off at 9am and the competition began. We had 8 hours to get round as much of the course as we could. It started with an orienteering event around Princes Streets Gardens. You had to gather information around the gardens, in order to access your bikes in the compound. We got our bikes and headed off. We headed first to Napier University for an orienteering event. Then it was off to the dry ski slope for some tubing down the slope, and then the mountain biking started in earnest across the Pentlands. Up a huge hill, which most people could only push their bikes up! We were rewarded with an awesome downhill on the other side. The cycling was tough all day, lots of hills, and just when you thought you couldn't get up any more hills, they'd throw in a few more. The day had a mixture of via ferrata across a viaduct, abseiling down a bridge, kayaking in the Firth, rolling barrals of beers, rolling ourselves down a hill, more orienteering! We covered 56 miles on the second day, and we pushed ourselves as hard as we could all day.!We only missed the very last check point - in hindsight we maybe should have gone for it and would have paid off despite the time penalty.
We finished 8th overall, and 4th mixed team. We were all really pleased with our placing, and although such a tough event, had an amazing time! I think CAAC Attack may be back for more next year!! With a bit of training maybe we'll be challenging Team Buff ;-)


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