Thursday, 6 January 2011

Reflection on 2010 – Looking ahead to 2011

This time last year I wrote a similar blog entry with my aims and objectives for 2010. Looking back over them, I’m pleased to say that many can be ticked off – and although a few I’m still working towards, I feel I’m making progress and can happily carry them over to the coming year.

With regards to my running objectives, I was really pleased to reach two big mile stones, sub 19min 5km and a sub 40min 10k. I was affected by injury earlier on in the year (plantar fasciitis) which I thought might put an end to my season before it had properly begun, but with some chiro treatment, a 2 week break from running, and some exercises I was able to shift it. I’d hoped to get closer to my half marathon benchmark of 1hr30, but had to settle for 1hr34 at the Wolverhampton half (taking 4 mins off my previous best of 1hr 38). However, I felt great at the end of this race, which makes me think that I have more to get out of this distance. This year’s target will therefore be sub 1hr30 for the half. My 5km and 10km PB’s were hard work, so I’d now like to run these kinds of times more consistently.

Other aims I’d had were to learn to ski and XC ski – both of these I did (the downhill lesson being on New Year’s eve!). I’d also hoped to get better at rock climbing. I managed a lesson at the Edinburgh University climbing wall during the summer where I definitely increased my confidence on the wall. However, time (and temperatures at Ratho!) didn’t allow me to do much otherwise. Something to keep for the future.

I’d also made a plan to reach 75 Munros by the end of 2010. However, by the end of the year I was on a mere 53, so a fair bit off on that one. There are just aren't enough weekends in the year! Having bagged one Munro already this year though, I’m going to carry this aim over to 2011. So hopefully when I sit down to write this entry next New Year, I’ll be on 75 or more! With Neil hoping to get to the century this year, if I stick with him I should be on target! We had a great weekend in the Lake District for Rosie’s 30th and did Scarfel Pike, so I’d love to get down to the Lakes and do more hills there. It’s not really much further away than going up north to the Highlands.

Highlights of 2010 for me were XC skiing in Norway – a fantastic country and scenery. I think ski touring might be the next thing to try. The Barra Half Marathon – what an amazing place and great atmosphere for a race. I’m inspired to do more Outer Hebrides races! The Rat Race – possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also one of the most fun and rewarding. I’m hoping my fellow CAAC Attack team members will be up for a similar race this year.

So, with all this in mind, my aims for 2011 are:

  • Run sub 12 min 2 miles
  • Run sub 19min 5km and sub 40min 10km more consistently
  • Sub 1hr30min half marathon
  • PB at 10 miles (perhaps Lasswade) – I haven’t run a 10 mile race in a long while and would be interested to see what I could get
  • Run the Edinburgh 7 Hills race (only done challenge so far and missed race last year due to injury) and improve on my previous time
  • Reach 75 Munros
  • Hike some Lake District Hills
  • Run at least one (possibly two) of the Outer Hebrides half marathons. Stornoway Half marathon is number one on the list, with Benbecula and Skye other possibilities.

Wish list (runs/things I’d like to do if get the chance, but not all this year!!): Northumberland Coastal run, Lakeland Trail run, Coniston 14, Nottingham half marathon (this one for nostalgia rather than scenery), Kilomathon, The Inn Pinn (plus other 2 Munros on Skye I’m missing)


Ian said...

Hi Jo

I'm going for a sub 1:30 HM @ Alloa, care to join me?


jokirby said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for offer for Alloa. I won't be able to make that one i'm afraid. I'm hoping to do the Stornoway half, although not sure how fast that course is. Best of luck to you!