Monday, 31 January 2011

Trent Park 5km Handicap

This weekend I headed down to London for my goddaughter’s 1st birthday. Her mum being an avid runner (and Jorjia surely due to follow in her mum’s footsteps very soon), we decided to give the Trent Park 5km handicap race a go before the afternoon’s party celebrations! This race is organised by Trent Park running club on the last Saturday of every month, and was the first time I’d given it a go. Katherine had last tried it only a few months after having given birth to Jorjia but her times have been getting faster ever since! Having not done this race before I told them a recent 5km time and was instructed I’d be setting off 15 minutes after the first runner. Katherine was going off after 14 minutes so would have a minute over me. The course was mostly off road through the park, with lots of up hills and down hills. A really nice course, though the cold weather made it hard to warm up in the early kilometres. The final 1.5km was along the tarmac, before doubling back to the finish. I could see Katherine as we crossed each other on the route back, she was running well and there was no danger of me catching her up! Katherine finished in a great time of 20:28, her quickest since Jorjia’s arrival. I came in only 10 seconds faster – she’s hot on my heels once again! I really enjoyed this run. Then it was time for a quick cappuccino in the cafĂ© and off to make sandwiches and set up ready for the party. With 18 babies arriving I was wondering whether the 5km was going to be the easy part of the day…..???

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