Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lochnagar 5

On last year's Balmoral trip we attempted to do the Lochnagar 5, but the weather was against us, and we only managed one of the 5 Munros on this loop. This year, the weather was with us and we decided to give it another go. We went the opposite way round this year, meaning we had a longer walk in to the first hill, but a much more gradual ascent. With this being an 18 mile hike, it was nice to get some of the easier miles in early on, rather than face a long walk out at the end. The sun was shining, with great views, and loads of fun walking round as a big group. We reached summit number one with ease, and then continued round, ticking each one off as we went and admiring the stunning scenery at each one. With a food / easter egg stop on each summit too! A few of the CAACers who'd gone off ahead made a slight error and headed in the wrong direction at one point. Tom, Keith and Dave therefore had to break into a bit of hillrunning to bag that Munro and rejoin the group, while a few of the others decided they would miss that one out. It looked like Tom could have run around the whole loop! The grand finale was Lochnagar - where we could look back at where we'd come from.
Really enjoyed this hillwalk and a good start to the week of hillwalking Neil and I had planned for the week ahead...

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