Friday, 6 May 2011

Self Transcendence Meadows 2 miler

Wednesday night was race number one of the 2011 Self Transcendence Edinburgh race series and it kicked off with a 2 miler. There was a good CAAC turn out, including Pilky, BC and Dave from Moray’s squad, along with the Pegsters and Mike A. I was the only CAAC lady on this occasion. I was wondering how the legs would feel after the week of hill walking. I’d just done an easy 4 mile jog last night rather than track to ease them back in gently. Was a slight shock to the system being back in such a fast race, and my right ankle was feeling a bit peculiar on the second lap, but I was pleased with how the run went, only 5 seconds off my fastest time last year. A good base to improve on over the summer. My aim is still to get a sub 12 minute before 2011 is out!

Position: 4th woman

Time: 12:23

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